POPI Policy

Guidelines for POPI

Sharon’s Keto Bakery

People-identifying information (PI) includes things like race, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, nationality, color, and place of birth. An individual’s educational history, financial history, criminal record, or employment history; an identification number, symbol, email address, physical address, telephone number, location, or online identifier; an individual’s biometric information; or their opinions, views, or preferences. If the correspondence contains personal or confidential information, or reveals the contents of original messages. It does not matter whether opinions or views are recorded electronically.

Protecting Personal Information Act No. 4 of 2013 may be amended from time to time. As of now, Sharon’s Keto Bakery will be known as SKB.

Website servers at SKB are protected by security protocols. Managing their own customer databases and privacy policies is up to the members. It’s best to contact the dealership directly to find out more about their POPIA policies.

It is the customer’s responsibility to safeguard classified or confidential information under their control. As a result of its ongoing nature, a Pl is also private and confidential due to its involvement of third parties. Additionally, the SKB acknowledges that the pl should be treated as confidential and that access should be available to it.

Our company follows the POPIA rules and regulations. In accordance with this policy, Personal Information will be collected, used, and processed only for the purposes of fulfilling the company’s responsibilities.

SKB, its employees, its contractors, and anyone else with access to Pl will enjoy the confidentiality of Pl.

POPIA-compliant PLOs are not accessible to third parties without their consent and are not transferred outside of South Africa without their consent.

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